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    M Online E-Commerce Shop
  • Item Version : Version 1.0
  • Author: Shoumitra Chakraborty- CEO & Founder of Mymensingh It Solutions
  • For any support visit :Our website

Table of Content

  1. Description & Features
  2. Frontend
  3. Backend Admin panel
  4. Extras

Description & Features #back to top

About M Online E-Commerce Shop:

Need To start Sell your product in your own personal E-Commerce website- M Online E-Commerce Shop would be perfect choice for this purpose. M Ecommerce online Shop Website Developed with laravel with customer login, Admin management system as well as shop cart, dompdf & payment gateway and also bootstrap framework which makes it fully responsive mobile friendly E-Commerce Website which you can easily convert this one according into your own store requirements-Where you can sell your items online and the user can purchase from the website. You can add any number of products, offers, brand, categories, multiple images of products with nice display, additional customer support, expand your page, update, edit your website by your own, which things you cannot do Independently or easily in the Ecommerce readymade platforms. Selling products through a personal ecommerce website online shop website is the best way keeping your brand strategy focused & to make extra money. Key Features: • Fully clean, stylish, responsive, eye catching landing page
• Product image slider with nice product Gallery with zoom effects display which will
attract your customers. • Customer Registration system.
• Once register, customer can always free to open their store to buy products by Login
• Products fully Description view system for customers.
• Customers have option to update quantity and delete any shopping item before order place.
• Shopping cart management while browsing the products
• Payment gateway and GST options.
• Full order display item with price for the customers.
• Full page contact or message form for the customers.
• Very flexible and easily extendable So, Unlimited option for adding products or web page.
• SEO Meta tags included to make it SEO friendly website.
• Robust Admin Section for Managing Store which Includes like—
#creates or adds and view page for your product category, brand and manufacture.
• #Managing product - details included
o Product name
o Price
o Product short & long description
o Product image upload system
o Size selection of products
o Color selection of products
o Category details
o Manufacture & brand details
#Customer registration information web page as well as full customer’s data in a PDF Format.
#Full order details pages which includes customer per order details with payment method, each order’s individual information with each order PDF format Invoice as well as full order details in a PDF format.
#managing all types of daily expenses page with each Expense PDF format Invoice
#View page for monthly sales and expenses amount.
#Admin panel automatically show your total sales, quantity, sales amount without product tax, total expense which help to give you an accurate estimate.
#View page for Customers details with Message from main page Contact Form
# Data edit or delete option .Banner logo option for PDF Invoices.you can easily print the all orders data or individual invoice easily which will ease your task & save time.
• Codes are clear and simple enough to understand as well as mentioned where required.
• Separate Screenshots and full documentation file with installing process as well as sql file provided for more clear understanding.
• And Much More +.
Overall, M Online E-Commerce Shop-design to build for small to big concern, created with Laravel Framework -the most popular web application database PHP Software Framework .So, you will get High scalability , so that you can easily capable to be changed in size or scale and ability of the computing process to be used You can do anything independently operation of your own you don’t need to help of developers once set up and also integrates the different methods of shopping available to consumers. Go to M Online E-Commerce Shop'S website:
M Online E-Commerce Shop
Admin panel:
Admin Panel
Username: admin@gmail.com
Password: 123

Frontend#back to top

About Main website

whenever customer need to puchase anything they need to register first

After reister,login page will appear
put the username & Password and your customer page open with customer name
This is the customer page
Whenever you click on add to cart product price with description with image zoom effect will show,then click add to cart
After purchase click paid now button,(you can update or delete any product before order place.)
Your all shopping cart with total amount will be ready for order place
Click the payment option,then submit order button
The all purchase process will over.

Here,I have used 2% product GST, you can ignore this or set up in app/Http/Controllers/ CheckoutController.php file line 79 you can adjust according to your requirements,you can add like this way delivery charge,. service charge etc.If you want to ignore just keep subtotal.

If you want to add product, just add inside resources\views\home.blade.php file like this


Backend Admin panel#back to top

See the follwing screenshots which gives you the idea of the admin panel-

Add Category add & view page
Add manufacture page & view page
Add product page & view page
customer details page with PDF sheet
Orderdetails page with PDF sheet
Expenses add, details page with each
All Expenses & each expenses PDF Invoice
Each Order details page each PDF Invoice
Full order details PDF
Monthly expenses & sales amount page.
Public contact page details transfer into your admin.

Add product

You can add unlimited product in your add product page in Admin Panel with all details & upload imge then just put the product id in resources\views\pages\customerhome.blade.php file.

					        Add to cart

you just need to put the product id no.after add the product in admin panel

Extras #back to top

Responsive Page

Both Main pages(frontend) & Admin panel(backend) with Bootstrap Framework. For more information about the grid please visit Bootstrap Site



This item used Bryvdh Dompdf-to upload this to your file go to your open c command promt & run into your file path the follwing command

					composer require barryvdh/laravel-dompdf
                    //after this go to config/app.php---open and add the follwing-
                       //Inside * Package Service Providers...add
					//add this inside 'aliases' => [
                  'PDF' => Barryvdh\DomPDF\Facade::class, 

Shopping cart

This item used gloudemans Shopping cart-to upload this to your file go to your c command promt & run into your file path the follwing command

					composer require gloudemans/shoppingcart
                   // after this go to config/app.php---open and add the follwing-
                       //Inside * Package Service Providers...add
					//add this inside 'aliases' => [
                  'Cart' => Gloudemans\Shoppingcart\Facades\Cart::class, 

Payment option

You can install any type of bank card or mobile banking or others online payment options like paypal,skrill etc. For debit or master card payment options you can upload stripe-to upload this to your file go to your c command promt & run into your file path the follwing command

				composer require stripe/stripe-php			

Then go toStripe wbsite and development stripe account key and secret and add bellow this to your .env file


<>After that create routes & Controller file for your payment gateway.

The folowing sources used for the item development:



Datetimepicker for Bootstrap 4

Laravel Framework


Font Awesome Icons

Magnific Popup

Jquery Javascipt Library

Owl Carousel